A Bit About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

Better Athletes, Better People, Better Society

At Key City, our focus isn’t simply on athletic gains; we’re focused on making our athletes better people. While we are dedicated to providing the best possible environment for improving athletic performance, we’re primarily focused on developing a better person who will be a positive influence for their peers and a better contributor to society. Winning a game isn’t what matters most to us, it is respecting the game and the life lessons that come from it. Instead of mediocrity, selfishness, or cockiness, Key City’s young athletes are learning persistence, excellence, and the knowledge that they are all a part of something greater than themselves.

Elite Coaching, Elite Players, Selfless-Service

We have many years of experience in sports organizations, especially those designed for young athletes. More and more, we’ve been frustrated by organizations that seem to exist to simply monetize youth sports without making efforts to provide a high-quality program or getting their athletes to achieve the upper limits of their capabilities. Those frustrations are what led us to this idea: provide a free opportunity for young athletes to play and achieve their full potential. Instead of collecting money from parents, our program incorporates community service as payment. Young athletes with a drive to succeed will have an opportunity to better their skill sets and serve their community with their relentless work ethic, earning everything and being handed nothing.


Leadership, Community Service,


Here at Key City, we want to build the ability to lead, to become better people, and to make the world a better place without draining parents’ bank accounts. Our plan is to provide access to elite club level teams at no financial cost to players or their parents. The cost of the league will be offset with active community service involvement. And we don’t intend to stop at the local level. Our plan includes nationally recognized tournaments, highly sought-after gear, and reputable events for all sport enthusiasts.


Our Pledge!

Starting day one, the Key City Foundation pledges to donate 20% of all proceeds to charity. Not only that, but a complete list of our recipients and how much they received will always be publicly available on our website. Our events will always benefit local not-for-profit entities that focus on community and youth improvement. We’re going to lead the way to a better future, and we’ll be improving ourselves and those around us on the way.